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  • Nathan and Craig from Impress Design

    Fri, 10/30/2020 - 15:55

    The New Normal

    You may have heard of a recent Global event that has indefinitely changed the way we live our lives. COVID-19 ring any bells? Well, whether you have or haven’t, it’s been the driving force behind a period of serious adaptation for Australians, especially business owners who had to pivot on a pinhead earlier this year to change practices. Accommodating new health directives, social distancing laws and an insistence from the Prime Minister to work from home where possible. 

    I sat down with Impress Design Directors Nathan Yiangou and Craig Howard over a cup of tea and biscuit to…

  • Endure for a Cure

    Fri, 10/30/2020 - 13:32

    Endure for a Cure

    Imagine hearing the words, "Your child has cancer." 

    Unimaginable, right? Even writing those words gives me chills, but sadly for more than 1000 families across Australia, this haunting sentence will change their worlds forever. It may come as a bit of a shock, it certainly did to me, but cancer is responsible for the death of more children in Australia than any other disease. Terrifyingly, every week nearly three children and adolescents will die because of it.

    Cancer is a nasty, relentless disease of the body's cells and can take many forms. Think about your circle of…