Endure for a Cure
Fri, 10/30/2020 - 13:32

Endure for a Cure

Imagine hearing the words, "Your child has cancer." 

Unimaginable, right? Even writing those words gives me chills, but sadly for more than 1000 families across Australia, this haunting sentence will change their worlds forever. It may come as a bit of a shock, it certainly did to me, but cancer is responsible for the death of more children in Australia than any other disease. Terrifyingly, every week nearly three children and adolescents will die because of it.

Cancer is a nasty, relentless disease of the body's cells and can take many forms. Think about your circle of friends and family. It would be hard to imagine someone reading this that hasn't had someone in their life that hasn't been touched by its effects. Something seems fundamentally wrong with a child being struck down with the ailment, their lives no even started yet and having to endure one of the largest battles of their life without any real understanding of why. 

So, what can we do about it? 

Might be strange to hear, but kids don't need thoughts, prayers or even miracles. What they need is medical research. This research, of course, has to be paid for. That's where fundraising plays such a critical role and was the driving factor behind Impress Design MD, Craig Howard's decision to no longer sit on his hands.  

Joining forces with two of fittest on the staffing roster, Greg and Adam, our Commander in Chief signed up for the Endure for a Cure 2020 event - a 12-hour cycle challenge in support of Children’s Cancer Institute. There was no target, other than the respect of the office upon completion. And that, to be fair, is worth its weight in gold!  

The mission: Ride as many laps around the iconic Sydney Motorsport Park in 12 hours

The problem: Cycling for 12-hours is HARD 

This event is the ultimate test of physical endurance and mental toughness and the 4km circuit kept even the keenest cyclists on their toes! The Impress Design team left behind at the office and at home weren’t just there in spirit having sponsored the (very jazzy) cycling-kit and entrance fees. So, as they hurtled around the track,  the pride of the company on the line! 

It gives us enormous joy to share the results of the day with you: 

Craig Howard - 22 laps (88km) 

Greg Dylewski - 20 laps (80km) 

Adam Hartard - 48 laps (192km) 

Undoubtedly, the sheer fact that these legends spent an entire day peddling around a race track for inevitably saddle-soreness is to be commended. However, a very special shout out to Adam for his INSANE efforts with the number of laps he managed to smash out. He finished a very respectable 9th (out of 158) with the overall winner only 3 laps ahead of him. Great effort! 

It was a day packed full of fun, but some of the speeches by the organisers some of whom had lost children to cancer really hit home and reminded everyone of why they were participating in the event. 

Yes, the guys came away with a real sense of achievement, they raised an amazing amount of money for a fantastic charity and crushed some serious fitness goals. But, the real winner on the day was fashion. 

Congratulations to all that participated in the event, especially our lads. At the time of writing this, the riders have annihilated their target of $250k, generating around $270k of contributions from amazing people around the world. 


If you would like to contribute please visit Craig's sponsorship page - here