We believe good quality design should tell a story. 


Print communications come in many forms – from annual reports to flyers, stationery, magazines, signage and posters. We specialise in helping you develop print design that communicates your unique narrative and delivers measurable, actionable results from your audience.


Print Media

When considering print media options, it is important to keep execution in mind. We will help you decide which print medium will most effectively deliver your message to the right audience whether that's billboards, flyers, posters or brochures.

Annual and Technical Report Design

Years of designing and managing the production of award-winning Annual and Technical Reports has helped us streamline our processes. Every step is efficiently managed, ensuring your finished product is accurate and reaches your audience on time.

We work to the highest technical standards, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every stage of the project. We achieve this by spending extra time to thoroughly set up the report files. This allows us to easily flow through content and images and provides flexibility when changes are required.

You can read more about how we manage our report process here.

Map Illustration

Not all maps are created equal, but with extensive experience in mapping and wayfinding, we can help ensure your end product meets the needs of your audience.

There are a few options that need to be considered.

First, what type of map best suits your need – Satellite or Stylised.

Satellite maps are efficient to produce and reduce the amount of manual illustration required. However, they can lack clarity or appear cluttered, depending on the area being shown.

Stylised maps are a form of digital illustration. While they can be more time consuming to create, they are effective in helping an audience understand what is being shown and offers the greatest control over the content.

Second, you need to decide the level of detail required – Overview or High Detail.   

Overview level is good in the early stages of a project where accuracy and scale are less crucial, or details are still under consideration.

High Detail accurately reflects what is there and usually includes lane markings and widths of roads and structures all represented to scale.

Print and Production Management

Our expertise doesn’t end with the production of your Final Art print files. We can also help you navigate the many decisions needed to take these files and turn them into a finished product.

Decisions you need to make can include the type of printing – digital or offset – paper stock and the type of finish, just to name a few. You can learn more about these options here.

We have extensive experience liaising with speciality printers and can help ensure your finished product is ready when and where you need it.