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The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) is one of the Government growth centres and is helping guide a new direction for Australia’s manufacturing industry. AMGC is doing this by supporting ground breaking new advanced manufacturing projects and encouraging a new way of thinking about competitiveness, a manufacturing transformation. While a membership base was growing, AMGC recognised their current education and engagement models were often directed at known and existing points of contact, rather than those not yet connected to the organisation. Awareness of this led to a decision to create a customised, scalable, diagnostic and education solution that had the capacity to evolve and develop over time. The online platform was to be known as the ‘Manufacturing Academy.’

The Problem

The audience was to be people working at all levels of Australia’s manufacturing sector. The key challenge was to find a way to communicate and present AMGC’s ideas and evidence about the future direction of manufacturing in a way that was relatable and able to be understood.

In addition, the content would have to be authoritative and persuasive. Many manufacturers have been in the industry for decades and can be reluctant to embrace new technologies or ways of doing things.

The Execution

We were engaged by AMGC to work on all aspects of this project, which covered content, video and digital components. The work was broken into two phases.

Phase 1 – creation of the Manufacturing Academy initial content and LMS platform

Real Australian manufacturers were used to host various content modules, to lend the weight of their personal experiences and success from embracing the new mindset. While scripts were developed to ensure flow and accuracy of content, using ‘real’ people also lent authenticity to the messaging. 


  • Develop and refine the chosen strategic direction and focus for the Academy
  • Work with AMGC to develop the content structure and key messaging
  • Prepare content module and animation scripts
  • Prepare website copy

Video & Animation

  • Carry out and coordinate all production planning for 8 course videos and more than XX case studies
  • Filming and interviewing talent at various locations around Australia
  • Editing and production of all course and case study videos
  • Production of teaser and promotional videos 


  • Development of Manufacturing Academy branding and logo
  • Development of video animation and infographic style
  • Creation of flat artwork and animations required for all course content


  • Researching available Learning Management System (LMS) and organising engagement of the chosen product
  • Development of website wireframes
  • Application of all design elements into the LMS framework
  • Uploading of all text, image and video content into LMS 

Phase 2 – creation of additional/supplementary support materials to enhance existing Academy content

This phase is underway in 2019/2020 and involves more video production and website content management.

The Outcome

The Manufacturing Academy received an excellent response from industry members at its launch during 2019 National Manufacturing Week and is continuing to build support across the sector. Sign-ups to the platform are steady and expected to continue to rise as further supporting content is developed and added to the site. 

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