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Blacktown City Council Reports
Blacktown City Council Reports
Blacktown City Council Reports


The Impress Design team has been delivering high quality design services to Blacktown City Council for more than five years across a range of events and communications requirements. Each year, we have continued to build on our experience with this valued client, allowing us to better tailor solutions for the Council as its needs change and grow.  

The Challenge

Home to over 360,000 people in 48 residential suburbs, Blacktown is the second largest city in New South Wales by population. With such a large number of residents, local businesses and community groups, communicating effectively is challenging. City Council regularly needs to disseminate community information, including activities and events, as well as reports and policy documents. It is vital the right messages get to the right people, at the right time. 

The Council calls on our team’s combined expertise and creativity to create and produce high quality design solutions that successfully reach and engage Blacktown’s diverse community.

The Execution

Since 2014, Impress has been partnering with Blacktown City Council to develop and produce key design materials. 

Blacktown is a vibrant and developing area and ensuring the diverse nature of the community was reflected in the collateral we produced was a priority. To further support this goal, in 2016 and 2017 we managed the photography shoot for a range of reports produced by the Council. 

As well as ensuring a consistent look and feel that reflects the Council’s chosen style, speed and accuracy are crucial in the work we undertake. From complex and technical Annual Reports to single page event flyers, we always ensure the end product reaches the intended audience on time.  

Design work completed to date includes:

  • Flagship report suite – Annual Report, Community Report, Annual Audit Report, End of Term Report 
  • Blacktown City Festival creative concepts and marketing collateral
  • Council Budget Summary external collateral
  • Our Blacktown 2036 roadmap
  • Warrick Lane and University Campus prospectus and RFT documentation 
  • International Sports Park local and overseas marketing material 

The Outcome

Blacktown City Council has successfully transformed its communications through its work with Impress Design. These efforts have even been recognised with Gold Awards at the Australasian Reporting Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019. Community feedback has also been positive, along with improved engagement and awareness about Council matters, events and activities.

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