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NSW State Emergency Services – OCES Program Pull-up Banners
NSW State Emergency Services – OCES Program Screens
NSW State Emergency Services – OCES Program Screens


The New South Wales State Emergency Service (SES) provides emergency support and assistance to communities across the state before, during and after emergency events. As the legislated Combat Agency for floods, storms and tsunamis, including the evacuation of affected communities, the SES is responsible for the planning and control of responses to these incidents. The SES has around 261 permanent staff managing approximately 10,000 volunteers.  

We were initially asked to create a video to promote the new communication solutions that were being introduced. A suite of other communications material would follow as the new equipment was introduced. The goal was to drive change through the adoption of new communication solutions and bring about a more effective, efficient and safe SES workforce and community. 

The Problem

The video was to accurately portray the search for a missing child while highlighting the new equipment and capabilities. The collateral was to be shared internally and externally, so had to meet the needs of all audience groups. 

Internally – to build volunteer interest and engagement with the new solutions and equipment

Externally – to highlight the NSW SES as an innovative, technology savvy organisation

In addition, we were required to work with a number of challenging film sets, the need to capture remote aerial vision, night footage and river rescue action.

The Execution

We assisted with final storyboard and script adjustments, before working with the SES to film and produce the OCES videos.

We delivered a suite of 7 videos, showcasing the benefits of their major investment in technology platforms.

As the launch of the equipment progressed, we were re-engaged by the SES to produce additional collateral.

This included:

  • An animation with voiceover announcing the upcoming arrival of the new radios
  • A suite of collateral for the official Minister’s launch
    • 3D videos to be used with virtual reality headsets
    • Display posters highlighting the service developments and achievements
    • Wall display illustrating a timeline of achievements and developments over the previous year

The Outcome

The resulting videos and supporting collateral were well supported and received by SES staff, volunteers and the general public.

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