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Emergency Treatment in Hospitals A5 Brochure
Emergency Treatment in Hospitals A5 Brochure
Emergency Treatment in Hospitals Poster


Improvements to Emergency Treatment in NSW Hospitals forms part of the Premier’s Priorities of ‘Service levels in our hospitals’. It sets a target of 81% of patients through Emergency Departments in under four hours. The client brief was focused on increasing the overall awareness and engagement of hospital staff across the state to bring this target into perspective and focus.

The Problem

To work out the best communication solutions, we needed to explore why the target was not being met. This required a two-prong approach. We needed to first understand the priorities from a policy level, but also understand the way in which hospital staff viewed the target and were motivated to address this problem. This was particularly challenging given the many levels of staff and geographic spread of hospitals to be targeted across the state.

The Execution

Impress was tasked with all aspects of the campaign, including:

  • discovery and problem identification via state wide employee focus groups and survey development
  • gap analysis, prioritization and recommendations for strategic direction and development of an engagement strategy
  • development of a creative toolkit for local health districts to execute across video, print and digital media
  • baseline and follow-up survey development, analysis and reporting to outline movements in the employee engagement as a result of the communications drive.

The result was a suite of print, digital and video collateral aimed at encouraging all hospital staff, across all departments and at all levels to change the way they perceive the targets, and work together to provide the best patient care.

The Outcome

Survey results and anecdotal feedback from the Premiers Implementation Unit has been very positive, and since the program, Impress has been engaged directly by individual hospitals to assist with more localised, hospital specific issues.

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