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A focus on health and safety is often perceived as necessary, but also restrictive during everyday decision-making and activities. It only finds prominence when something actually goes wrong. The NSW Department of Education – Health and Safety Directorate wanted to create its own specific brand that would come to be associated with staff wellbeing, but also complimented the Department’s existing brand.

This new brand would then be applied to a project of work, centred on the health and wellbeing of all employees.


The key challenge was ensuring the new brand was able to represent the concept of wellbeing and be relatable to staff. Staff within the education staff are spread over a large geographic area and under a lot of time pressure, so any brand also needed to be able to cut through and be noticed, when needed.

The Department of Education logo was also to be continued. The brief was not to create a new logo, instead they wanted an easily identified brand that was timeless and could be applied across a large variety of collateral – print, digital and video.


Sessions with key personnel in the Department’s Health and Safety Directorate were carried out to identify the desired outcome to identify their Vision and their Mission, along with identifying how the information was to be used. Working within the Department of Education’s colour palette, we identified colours that would reflect the Directorate’s values and tone. 

With all this information gathered, we then created concepts that filled the branding needs and flowed the chosen concept across all Health and Safety Directorate collateral. This included:

  • Brand Style Guide
  • Print materials – letterheads, documents, lanyards, business cards
  • Digital – website, video templates, email signatures


The new branding has been well received and is now well recognised by staff throughout the Department of Education. We continue to have a close relationship with the Department, and in particular, the Health and Safety Directorate, as we help them roll out a suite of health and wellbeing information and collateral.

Tue, 12/03/2019 - 15:52