Everyone has a story to tell. We work closely with our clients to define, then communicate their unique message, ensuring it will effectively reach real people no matter how busy their daily lives.

Our experience makes all the difference. We will help you create and implement a visual communication solution that achieves measurable and actionable outcomes. We also excel at transforming complex or technical messages into a format that more effectively engages your audience.

Our strategic support includes:

  • Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Campaign Planning
  • Brand Identity
  • Presentation Design
  • Employee Engagement

With a friendly, no-nonsense approach, we guarantee every client gets the full benefit of our strategic expertise – regardless of how small, large or complex your project is. We have the experience, so know you're in safe hands. 

Strategy Preparation

There isn’t just one blueprint for success. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand ‘the difficult to define’ and guide you to the heart of your message or opportunity.

By working together, we will help you clarify your message, problem or challenge and develop a customised design strategy to ensure you can successfully engage the audience.

Concept Development

From copy and content strategy to design, we can build a holistic visual communication solution customised for your specific needs. Call on our strategy and planning expertise to ensure your print communications are effective and engaging.

Campaign Planning

Whether they are online or offline, people are being bombarded by around 7,000 brand messages every day. To stand out in this crowded marketplace, it is important to have the right strategy from the very start.

In the planning stages, we establish how to craft communications to cut through the clutter and reach the people you are trying to engage. We can also help you develop a comprehensive physical, behavioural and social profile (persona) of your target audience, to best understand how to address their needs.

We do this by using ‘the 3 C’s’, clearly defining the problem or opportunity and ensuring a successful creative solution:

  • Circumstance – the holistic view of the situation
  • Characterisation – a comprehensive emotional, rational and logistical understanding of your target audience
  • Call to Action – a clear definition of your desired outcome

We work to define the highest targeted return for our clients and create the most profitable solution. We define, design and deliver.

Brand Identity

Just like your personality makes you uniquely... you, brand identity is the Colonel's Secret Recipe of your business that makes your brand stand out from the crowd, rather than getting lost like a five-year-old in a busy supermarket. 

Brand Identity is made up of a few key elements:

Your mission - What’s your “why?”
Your values - What beliefs drive your company 
Your brand personality - If your brand was a person, what kind of personality would they have?
Your unique positioning - How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
Your tone of voice - If your brand was a person, how would it talk? 

Presentation Design

First impressions are important, which is why the design of your presentations needs to be impactful and eye-catching – but also still on message. With our experience, we can help you strike that balance, creating a presentation that delivers your message in a concise and visually engaging way.

Employee Engagement

JFK was touring NASA HQ in 1961 when spoke to a janitor and asked him what he was doing. The janitor’s response - “I’m putting a man on the moon!”

Organisations are increasingly recognising that an engaged employee has a more positive attitude towards their business and a desire to perform well. When employees understand and get on board with the purpose of what your organisation does, they will be more motivated and connected to your overall business goals.

We can work with you to develop strategies that will enhance your employee engagement while still being closely aligned with a campaign strategy.

Our priority is to provide your business with clear internal communication, in formats your employees need, and will pay attention to. This ensures your messages are easily digestible and understood.

Employee engagement solutions we have assisted our clients with include:

  • Digital communication or resource portals 
  • Printed or digital newsletters and flyers 
  • Change campaigns
  • Surveys and other internal feedback tools
  • Recognition and incentive programs.

We can help your employees understand your vision and appreciate the important part they play.