Video is now an essential communications tool. In 2019, the percentage of businesses using video as a marketing tool increased to 87% and in a fast-paced world with constant distractions, nearly half of online users say they prefer to learn about a product by watching a video on a website or social media. It’s also effective. 52% of marketers report that video content delivers them the highest return on investment (ROI), so when it comes to video, it's really delivering the goods for marketers. 

From strong script writing and video production to the creation of captivating animations, we have the in-house expertise to bring your story to life. We also provide you with a different creative option for presenting information and ideas and communicating serious and complex messages.

Video and animations are easy to promote online and on leading social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Eye-catching, bite-sized, engaging and informative, branded videos are frequently shared with friends and followers.

We would be happy to discuss the most effective use of video and animations within your marketing spend.

Traditional Video

Most businesses aren’t able to create their own professional videos. At Impress Design, we have in-house expertise to advise and guide you through this process and we can start with as little as an idea.

Depending on the messages you want to get across, your target audience and the desired outcome, videos help your audience retain information, helping complement or replacing traditional marketing tools.


With the right strategic focus, they can be another unique way of communicating complex ideas and messages. Used well, animation can help highlight, simplify or explain complex ideas and information, especially when actual video footage is difficult to obtain or unavailable.

Our strong belief in the effectiveness of animation has resulted in a strong in-house team who: 

  • help you create effective messaging by developing visual concepts and illustration combined with simple, concise and clear scripting, and
  • guide you on how an animation can get strong results within your broader marketing plan